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Marcia Peterson

My Dearest Kathy,
You have no idea how very special this post is to me today, as. I begin day 2 of what I hope will be my last 2nd day of sobriety.
It is about love.
When I can't love me I remember that you always have.

What a blessing you are in my life.


Peggy Fletchet

As I leave my weekend with old friends behind, in my heart there is a love and light, and reading what you have written extends my love to so many. How big our hearts become when we learn to give rather than receive. I love you. PPF

Lnda Michelet

Dear Kathy: Thank you for all the love that started with, "You can have lunch with me Leeder"....I'll never forget it. 500 Miles...500 Miles.


Oh my Friend...you rock my world with your words! What an honor to know you and share our lives together!!! Thank You! Shayne

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