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lee Lindahl

Love it !!!!!!!I found Ice cream was my 1st step,pretzels 2nd popcorn 3rd ,sugar products 4th ... I need to write poem for olive oil popcorn from trader Joes....am in the process of detoxing sort of (HA!!!!!) Juicing away.........
Hugs Great Poem


Proof positive that God has a dark and twisted sense of humor:

He gave us taste-buds that detect sweets, and invented ways to 'curse' us if we enjoy 'em.

He gave female humans clitorises (unique among mammals), and male humans relatively large and sensitive penises ... both which come of age when we are ADOLESENTS ... and then 'curses' us IF we enjoy 'em!

So, no Kathy, you are NOT a 'whore for pleasure"; you are just a victim of one o' Gods SEVERAL pranks!

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