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lee lindahl

Love it, was not going to go to my meeting this am .....for all the same reasons .I need to write a gratitude list and continue with a new 4-5th step my higher power has given me the time . I need to stop procrastinating . i am at he time of life you described in your blog an am feeling alone and a little sorry for my self .Thank You Kathy I really needed this today
Lee Palos Verdes ,Ca.

Lnda Michelet

An "Attitude of Gratitude"...I know how very important it is to feel that, and express it everyday. Kathy, my brother and his partner now live here in Portland after 45 years in NYC. Another reason to be so grateful! Loved reading this. Love you. Leeder


Love it Mom. As always, your honesty reflects your wisdom . I agree. I want this life too. Saying YES to as much of life as possible.

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