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Marcia Sweet Peterson

One of the most moving pieces of writing I have read in some time. You got my attention, Kathy. In the way only a writer can weave words around one's heart.

Loving you in Florida,


.................... and these are the sorts of pondering you/we SHOULD be having at this stage of our lives.

We DO experience parents peers, friends and 'sibs' beginning to "go home from camp" or a more regular basis now. That's the natural order of things. Some of us have seen people leave this existence WAY too early ... and sometimes under awful circumstances. Those are the hard ones to reconcile.

Consider how these "passings" have changed US ... mostly for the better, I think, because they DO make us "...slow down and smell the roses" ; they cause us to re-order those things that SEEMED so important a a few decades ago ... they seem so trivial as we face our own mortality.

IF you were working for some petty, chicken sh*t young supervisor/boss NOW, how would you react to their nonsense?!?!

Now consider the THOUSANDS of young vets ... from all our wars ... who saw too many of their friends killed of maimed when THEY (the returning vet) were 20+- years old. Consider how THEY react to 'corp.' life ...

Consider how they react when a wife of husband acts as in a broken TV or dishwasher is a "CRISIS"!

You are wise and are re-ordering things AS you should, and pretty much "on sched." as life goes (though you've been down more rough roads than most of your peers).

Just saying that there are lots of young appearing bodies walking around us with the minds and points of view of US 60+'ers.

Be kind to them ... and be kind to YOU. Appreciate what you are learning ... and when you are learning it.


lee lindahl

Kathy, thank you for spelling it out so beautifully........having experienced the reality of a best friends death (being with her almost everyday ) ....it has brought me closer to the here and now and to appreciate each day and each person .......Leexo

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