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Marcia Peterson

Thanks for reminding me what's important. I'm so glad you're writing and publishing. I miss that kind of connection so much.I think sometimes I'd quicker die from loneliness than another drink. Perhaps I'll "remember" how to find that connection to others through you and your words. Thanks for the 12-step call.

With love,


Great message, Mom! It is so good to be reminded that all the little tifts we get into are really only opportunities to forgive, provide compassion and express our feelings of hurt and lonliness. We are all human, after all and that being human = inevitable flaws. I love it that you welcome the flaws and the love with open arms.

Alison Mothersbaugh

Oh to be your Thursday girl again! I miss nothing more...xo alison m.


Of course, I copped an attitude when i read this b/c you didn't mention what this Thursday girl went through - single-parenting an alcoholic/drug addict teenager who nearly died on a number of occasions. Oh well, gracias a dios you didn't have to include "the death of a child" as one of the trials. and that was due, in part, to the Thursday girls and to you, my sponsor...

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