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I try to make my kids write thank-you's but I'm even more of a slacker than you! Mimi would NOT be proud. Nor would she be proud every time I wear something that CLEARLY needs ironing.

Heather Costello

Ok, so I loved that. I love the memories of Mimi that you always bring to mind. Mimi would be so happy I married Terry because he keeps all of my clothes pressed. I've started slacking a little on my thank you's as well. You've reinspired me to get back up to speed.

Shelley Meaney

To be frank, I suck at thank you's notes. I also have problems returning e-mails, listening to home voice mail (thereby not returning those either), responding to Facebook inquiries and fulfilling verbal orders for business cards. I have to use energetic thank you's now. If you gan't feel my gratitude, you need to adjust your frequency.

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