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You stole that directly from my brain, except for the 13 grandchildren. Let's make a plan for each other!xx Roberta


Uh oh. I don't have any grandchildren as my excuse. But after reading JUST THE BEGINNING of your post, I immediately got up and (in that same zombie-like trance you describe), glided to the kitchen to unearth my own bag of Cheese Crunchies (yes, they have them in Philly. too). The result is that I have just finished reading your blog and can only type a response with one hand because the other one is either in the bag or in my mouth.

There, I just put it back.

Except fat lot of good it does to shut the barn door once the horse (and, in my case, the cow and the pig) have escaped. Oh well, at least Cheese Crunchies are orange - it is
Halloween, after all...

Erik Hansen

do cheese crunchies come in whole wheat? ;)

Erik Hansen

those little pictures that pop up next to the comments are pretty feminine. Do they come in barbed-wire or army print?

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